Made for Him – Thinking of Her

Meet The Creator

Steve Moore is not a chemist, Steve Moore is not a doctor. Steve Moore is a innovator, a creator, a entrepreneur, a “out of the box thinker”,  a man that has always wanted to “make a difference”. Developing the formula for Bedroom Therapy ( previously The Erector ) has done just that, for thousands of men ( and women). “Made for Him, Thinking of Her”. Men who want to be pleasers not teasers. Men who have ED. Men who want to regain the vigor and intensity in bed that they once possessed or never possessed. Women who want to have multiple orgasms. So often I’m asked, does it work for women or what do you have for women? My answer is, “let’s work on the man and that will take care of his woman. Women desire attention, patience, intimacy, foreplay to take them to the next level and beyond sexually. There are so many women who have never had a orgasm, forget having multiple ones. Why? because her man does not provide what she needs, “intimacy”. Many men lack the endurance, longevity and control required to make a woman have a orgasm or multiple orgasms so they “hurry up and get theirs”, not caring about his woman getting hers. “Bedroom Therapy” is just that, therapy for the bedroom. 

Listen – What you hear are the affects of “Bedroom Therapy”. 
Take the capsule
Drink the coffee
Make love to your lady like you never imagined.
Bedroom Therapy – Made for Him – Thinking of Her!
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